Migrating a Contract Off-Platform

You may want to migrate your HyperMint smart contract to the Recovery Address that you set during the creation phase of your NFT collection. This can be done easily with nothing more than your recovery wallet and a block explorer such as Polygonscan or Etherscan.
Important Note: Migrating a HyperMint smart contract off-platform means that on-platform management through the HyperMint UI will no longer be possible.

Step 1: Confirm Recovery Address

On your collection's management page in the HyperMint Dashboard, you will see a few greyed out fields in the General tab. One of these fields is the Recovery Address; this is the address on your NFT smart contract that is allowed to migrate the contract from the HyperMint management wallet.
You will need to be signed into this wallet in order to edit your smart contract.

Step 2: Navigate Corresponding Block Explorer

Next, you will navigate over to the block explorer that corresponds with the type of smart contract you are migrating If it is an Ethereum smart contract, go to Etherscan; if it is a Polygon smart contract, go to Polygonscan.
Navigate to the smart contract on the block explorer. In this example, we are on Polygonscan. Below is a picture of our test contract on Polygonscan.
Next, go to the Contract tab, then to Write Contract, and then Connect your wallet.

Step 3: Migrate Your Smart Contract

Next, find the function named recoverContract and click on it, expanding the field to expose a Write button.
Click the Write button and sign the transaction in your connected wallet.
You should now see a button saying View Your Transaction, which will allow you to view the recovery transaction on the blockchain. It should go through with a successful status shortly.
Now, you will be able to execute any of the functions on the smart contract from your personal wallet. In order to test this, you may try editing the contract using a function such assetNameAndSymbol.