Free Claims


Free Claims allows creators to easily deploy and manage out-of-the-box NFT collections that can be claimed for free by end users. Free Claims can be understood as a template that effectively abstracts away the need for creators to go through the full contract creation process.


Free Claims collections are pre-configured as follows:
  • Token Type: ERC-1155
  • Network: Polygon
  • Price: Free (including no gas fees)


Creators will have the ability to customize certain pieces of the Free Claims smart contract and experience. The pieces are as follows:
  • NFT Image*
  • NFT Name*
  • NFT Description
  • NFT Supply (Max 99,999,999)*
  • Collection Owner Wallet Address*
  • Post-Claim Redirect URL
  • Soulbound Token (True/False)*
  • Brand logo
  • Free Claim background color/image
Note: Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*)


First, you will navigate to the Collections page of the HyperMint Dashboard. Click Create on the top right to get started.

1.) Create your Free Claim

Initiate your Free Claim by clicking Create on the below screen.

2.) Configure your Free Claim

You will now see a blank Free Claims configuration page with all of the aforementioned items on it. Begin filling them out with your information!
Once filled out, the Review & launch button on the bottom right should turn purple, as seen below.
Please note that after deployment, you will not be able to change NFT Name, NFT Supply, and Collection Owner Wallet Address. This is denoted in the pre-deploy window, pictured below.
Once confirmed, click Launch Experience.

Managing your Free Claim

You can retroactively manage all aspects of your collection that are not aforementioned unchangeable items. Below is a view of the full Free Claims management dash.
Note: By clicking Manage at the top right of the Free Claims management view, you can access the iFrame snippet for the widget so you may integrate it into any site you'd like. You can also click Copy URL at the top to get a link that is instantly functional and shareable.

The User Experience

The full user claim flow can be viewed below. The flow is designed to be simple and straightforward for end users - especially those who are not web3 savvy.
You will see below that all the user must do is enter an email address to claim - this is made achievable by way of our MoonPay Login product, which is built into Free Claims by default. MoonPay Login creates an assisted custody wallet for the end user with nothing but an email address; no seed phrases, no notepads, no learning curve!


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