Soulbound / Non-Transferrable

Soulbound (or Non-Transferrable) tokens are tokens which once minted to an address, cannot be transferred away.
With HyperMint collections, this restriction can be enabled & disabled at anytime allowing you to facilitate scenarios such as:
  • Identity tokens which represent a wallet's profile (always non-transferrable)
  • Token gating for events where transfers are temporarily suspended
  • Closed communities where transfers are restricted based on custom rules (see below)
To enable/disable transfers, on a collection open the Tokens tab and scroll down to the transfers section. The Allow Public Transfers toggle can be changed to alter the ability to transfer tokens.

Why "Public Transfers"?

The HyperMint implementation of non-transferrable tokens allows for greater flexibility than just banning transfers completely. The following is a list of allowed transfers even when Public Transfers are disabled:
  • Minting of new tokens
  • Transferring of reserved tokens to addresses
  • Pre-signed authorised transfers (coming soon)