Access Lists

What are Access Lists?

Access Lists are a feature that enables you to determine who is allowed to mint your NFTs. For example, you could create an access list for just members of your Discord community. You could create an access list for just a group of friends. You can even create multiple access lists which can be attached to your smart contract to offer access to your collection in phases e.g. priority mint access, early access, then open up access to the public.
Note: At this point in time, only ERC721 tokens are compatible with Access Lists.

HyperMint Access Lists

HyperMint's access lists contains the essential functions of listing who has access to mint your NFT collection, and more including:
  • Allowing select groups of addresses to purchase tokens outside of the public buying window
  • Specifying a different price for certain groups to buy your tokens
  • Adjusting limits on the number of tokens allowed to be bought by various groups

How to Set up an Access List

To start setting one up, there are two ways you can create and manage your access list.
  • Self Hosted (hosted by you)
  • Managed Access Lists (hosted by HyperMint)
This page will cover how to use managed access lists via the HyperMint dashboard. For learning how to upload your own self hosted access list externally, visit here for more information.

Access List Types

HyperMint supports two types of access list: Address & Token Owner Snapshots/Token Gating.
Address access lists allow you to provide a static list addresses who are part of the access list and eventually minting on a contract.
Token Owner Snapshot access lists work in a similar way by creating a static list of addresses but can be automatically created from any deployed NFT contract. Once details of the contract have been provided, HyperMint will fetch all unique token owners for the collection to generate the list. The source contract can be one deployed using HyperMint (by selecting it within the create dialog) or an existing contract by providing it's address and token type.
While the current token owners will be collected on creation, you may refresh the snapshot at any time (e.g. a day before your mint) and can download a list of owners directly from the access list page.
Multiple access lists of different types can be added to a single contract giving you the control to create any community drop experience you desire.
Collections created directly on OpenSea are not currently supported as OpenSea uses single contracts to host multiple collections

Creating an Access List

To create a new access list click on the "Access Lists" tab from the left hand navigation bar. You can then select the "Create" button at the top right of the screen. Give it a friendly name and then press the "Create" button:
This access list will then need to be attached to a contract to make it active and allow its associated members to buy your NFTs from the presale window you defined.

Attaching an Access List to a Contract

You can attach an access list by going to your target contract and then clicking on the "Minting" tab from the top menu navigation bar. Ensure that the "Use Managed Access List" option is enabled otherwise you will be using the "Self Hosted" approach as mentioned above.
This toggle cannot be changed after the contract is deployed so please ensure you are happy with the access list approach before launching your contract
You can now press the "Link Access List" button to attach the access list you created in the previous steps. Use the plus button to select the access list(s) you want to attach to the contract. You'll then notice it appear in this Access Lists pane and has a button you can use to unlink it from the contract if need be.​

Adding Addresses to an Access List

You'll notice in our previous sections that our access list has no members in it, let's fix this by adding some.
You'll again want to click on the "Access Lists" tab on the left menu pane and then select the access list you want to add addresses to. You can now add addresses by clicking the "Add Addresses" button in the top right.
A dialogue box will pop up and allow you to enter access list of members. The first element of each member should be a valid wallet address and the second optionally being a friendly name for that wallet address. Each member should be separated by a newline. The following two formats for members are accepted:
  • Comma separated items (supports copy pasting from Excel or CSV): Address, Name
  • Tab separated items (supports copy pasting from a Google Sheets): Address Name
You can only add up to 10,000 addresses at one time, however you may add as many addresses to a single access list as desired
After clicking the "Add Addresses" button you will then see them appear on the access list. You can then manage your access list and perform the following actions by using the three buttons in the top right:
  • Delete the access list entirely (note this will unlink it from any contracts you have it currently attached to)
  • Download/Export Addresses into a CSV
  • Clear access list and delete all addresses attached to the access list
  • Add more addresses
And voila! Access Lists!


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