Minting Logistics

After providing details about your contract, you will then determine the logistics of how you want your NFT collection to be minted.
Select which is your preferred way to mint the collection, through API or through a storefront experience.

Minting Options

HyperMint offers multiple ways of buying tokens both on-chain and off-chain:
Allow users to purchase via Storefront
  • Mint With Crypto- Buying a token directly from the contract using a wallet.
  • (Optional Addition) Mint With Fiat - Buying a token using a credit card through MoonPay.
Mint to Wallet On Request
  • Mint To Wallet - Sending a token directly to the user using the HyperMint API.

Mint With Crypto

This method allows a user to connect their wallet to the contract through a browser and call the buy function. This sends funds directly from their wallet to the contract in exchange for the requested token.
The simplest way to get started with this method is to use HyperMint's Client SDK, although you can implement your own strategy if you wish.
The SDK exposes two functions: buy and buyAuthorised which allow users to buy tokens from the contract. The main difference between these two functions is that buyAuthorised allows users to buy during the access list time window. For more details and information on setting up your access list window, visit Minting Time Window.
For a more technical deep dive, see Authorizing Access List Purchasesfor more information.

Mint To Wallet

This method does not directly accept funds from the user. Instead, when you call the HyperMint API, the token is delivered to the user directly.
Examples include:
  • Awarding tokens from activity with your product (e.g. game tokens)
  • Where you have another means of receiving funds
  • As an airdrop
More information about using the APIs can be found here.

Mint With Fiat (With MoonPay)

This method allows an end user to buy a token using their credit card or other fiat method. The end user is presented with the MoonPay widget either as an embedded widget or in a new window where they can see the name, image and price of the token to purchase. The end user enters their wallet address for NFT delivery.
Upon completing the flow, the token is delivered to the end wallet. In the background, this implementation is handled by HyperMint using Mint To Wallet.
MoonPay NFT Checkout
To get started with MoonPay integration, contact your account manager. If you already have a MoonPay account, please see guide on how to connect your HyperMint account to MoonPay.
After setting up your minting logistics, let's head to Token Management to figure out where to host your token metadata and we create your tokens.

Pricing Options

The following pricing options for NFTs are achievable on HyperMint:


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