Smart Contracts Overview

HyperMint provides three types of smart contracts:
  1. 1.
    ERC721 - A smart contract standard for NFTs (specifically, HyperMint complies with ERC721A)
  2. 2.
    ERC1155 - A smart contract standard for NFTs
  3. 3.
    Splitter Contracts - A smart contract for splitting up funds across multiple recipients


Key Characteristics

  • Non-fungible tokens representing ownership of arbitrary data.
  • Only one NFT can reside in a single contract.
  • Ideal for digital assets that represent one's immutable ownership of those assets (e.g. digital arts).
  • (ERC721A) highly gas-optimized implementation of the IERC721 standard.
  • (ERC721A) batch mint tokens for close to the cost of one.


Key Characteristics

  • Semi-fungible tokens categorized by token kind.
  • Multiple NFTs can reside in a single contract.
  • Tokens are tradable as fungible tokens. Once redeemed, they are converted to non-fungible tokens.
  • Ideal for gaming collectables and POAPs.

Key Differences

Non-fungible only
Fungible and non-fungible
Token Kind per Contract
Token Supply
Token Transfer
One at a time
One or multiple at a time
Operation Efficiency
One operation per transaction
Multiple operations per transaction
It is important to understand your current and future use case before committing to a contract type as the contracts are not upgradable and can't be changed once deployed.

Splitter Contracts

Please note that splitter contracts are a separate category of contracts from ERC-721 and ERC-1155 as this is not a smart contract standard for NFTs. But this is a smart contract provided at your convenience to help split proceeds made from selling your NFT Collection. We have listed it here to show all the contracts HyperMint has to offer you.
Most marketplaces today don't have a way to easily split revenue and royalty among collection collaborators and HyperMint's splitter contracts are here to remedy that. Our splitter contracts, which can be used standalone or attached to a minting contract, provide the functionality to split proceeds (from minting and/or secondary royalties) to be split between multiple payees.
At this stage in the creation of your contract, we will focus on ERC721A and ERC1155. For learning more about splitter contracts and how to create one to link to your NFT Collection, see Proceeds & Royalties.
To Note: Payees cannot be changed on a splitter contract post deployment


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