Collection Basics

When you create your first contract, you will come across this first screen in the wizard.
The name of your Contract can be any name for this project/initiative you are working on. You will provide the name of your actual NFT Collection later on.
You can think of the symbol as the same as a stock ticker symbol that represents your contract. A symbol has a character max limit of 7
Choose your preferred blockchain to publish your NFTs to. HyperMint currently supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana (Beta).
Ethereum is preferred choice for smaller collections that indicate and imply some exclusivity as well as high value. Polygon is preferred choice for large collections that need to be minted at scale as gas fees are much lower on Polygon.
*Please note that HyperMint will cover any gas fees if your NFTs are on the Polygon network.
You can deploy contracts to both Testnet and Mainnet.
Time to determine Minting Logistics of your contract!


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